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After spending over a decade working for national feed mills and dealerships, it discovered that they were constrained by a lack of flexibility and the goal was to sell products rather than provide solution. The decision was made to establish an independent dairy nutrition consultant company to service the dairy producers, and currently find satisfaction in providing custom solutions to many progressive dairy farms. Our single focus is providing integrity in the advice we offer and delivering results that matter. Feed is the largest expense for a dairy farm, and it is essential to work with a nutritionist who has a track record of maximizing cow performance without overspending. Feed to Milk the goal is to offer exceptional dairy nutrition services and tailor-made feed solutions for each of our clients' farms. Feed to Milk is based in Durham, Ontario, and travel wide to provide nutrition and dairy production consultation.



As independent dairy nutrition consultants we see more than an in-house nutritionist, the nutritionist work in the barns along side the cows applying practical proven solutions gathered form many years of experience. This opens our paradigm of thinking and promotes efficient cross pollination of best practices and technology.


Not being tied to a product or feed company( including ownership of dealers and mill) allows more flexibility and unbiased views. If your nutritionist is compensated for using a certain product, how can you be sure that product is in the best interest of your operation?


Have access to an array of resources through Renaissance nutrition (https://www.rennut.com) The benefits, combined with the assurance of the professional accredited group of consultants from RENAISSANCE NUTRITION team provides, less complacency and a peace of mind.


All top dresses, concentrates, energy blends, and protein supplements are formulated to your custom ration.


Work collaboratively with you and other farm advisors Feed to milk have learned to leverage and coordinate their entire team of advisors, especially where overlaps occur. Our consultants stand ready to work with other advisors to accomplish the goals you have set for your dairy.


Attend nutrition conferences to stay up to speed with the latest research
Feed to Milk is based in Durham, Ontario, and travel wide to provide nutrition and dairy production consultation. At feed to Milk we believe; it is of the absolute importance to approach all our undertakings with integrity. We are committed to consistently abide by the highest ethical business principles. It is our desire to work exclusively with those sharing these same standards.
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