At Feed to Milk, we specialize in developing custom formulas that deliver the best health and return on investment for all groups of animals. We collaborate with our customers to balance economics with science and help each dairy reach its full potential. A well-designed nutrition program is the foundation of a healthy herd. Our priority when creating formulations is to prioritize the health of the cows.
“There are 4 rations fed on every farm: the ration on paper; the ration offered, the ration the animal eats and the ration digested & metabolised”. It’s our job to formulate these rations & aid in making these transition as smooth as possible. We understand consistency is critical for the cows and producers.


Unlike with many feed companies with slow turn around time Feed to Milk offer on farm NIR testing of common forages and grain. We deliver nutritional advice as part of our service, and silage analysis is an essential part of that.The ability to test silages more regularly and see a quick turnaround time on results really makes our lives easier and save money.

One of the biggest opportunities to boost herd performance comes from increasing the frequency of forage testing. Consistent rations that optimise rumen function are the key to maximising feed efficiency, milk from forage and overall herd profitability. Yet despite the major negative impact any variation in silage quality can have on rumen fermentation efficiency, regular silage analysis is often seen as a low priority. This is often due to the traditionally slow turnaround times when silage samples are sent off for laboratory analysis. The cost and hassle of regular sampling and testing can also be a barrier And it’s now become a realistic option for feed to milk consultant to adopt a new NIR (Near Infrared Reflectance) technology that allows real-time, on-farm analysis of forage samples. Most silages are typically only checked once or twice each season.The latest data shows that key parameters like dry matter (DM) can differ by as much as 10% from the top to the bottom of the silo, and by as much as 8% from middle to the sides. With similar changes seen when moving back through a bunk, the potential impact on overall milk output – and profitability – is huge. In a herd averaging 30 litre/day, for example, even a 2.5% reduction in silage dry matter from one day to the next can alter nutrient supply enough to cut daily yields by 2 litres/cow!



Most dairies encounter challenges at some point. It’s the nature of working
with people and live animals. Many times, finding the root of those challenges
is easier from the outside looking in.
- Low milk production
- Fresh cow disorders
- Low milk fat
- Poor fertility
- Poor feed efficiency


We provide our customers with site visit to observe the cows, evaluate the farm operations, and assess the management. During these visits, we discuss opportunities to help meet the herd's goals. The level of service will vary with each client. Some require every 2 weeks, and some a couple times a year. It is part of the conversation when we start to work together. To provide the best service to our clients, we need to be at the farm to be that second set of eyes and help with a variety of management areas, as well as reading how the cows are performing on the ration. This is of tremendous importance! We recognize that consistency is crucial for the cows and producers, a need to create consistent results with repeatable progress. Combining these efforts in a strategic and collaborative plan that provides this advantage to each of our clients.


We believe in the value of using data to assist in solving problems and identifying opportunities. The ability to test & generate nutritional analysis allows for greater accuracy of the production system.
- Cost of production analysis
- Evaluation of management & facility
- Feed testing/lab wet chem and report analysis
- Water quality testing & analysis
- Mycotoxin testing




To be the most trusted and leading dairy nutrition company. To provide more options to dairy farms so they can thrive and be Profitable.
Feed to Milk is based in Durham, Ontario, and travel wide to provide nutrition and dairy production consultation. At feed to Milk we believe; it is of the absolute importance to approach all our undertakings with integrity. We are committed to consistently abide by the highest ethical business principles. It is our desire to work exclusively with those sharing these same standards.
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